Folding Light

Instructor: Akizawa Li 

Site: Taipei, Taiwan

PAPER has a pure and white impression; different creases lead to different shadows and show a different expression. I use two ribbons interleaved and surround, and on the appearance of the shape, the surrounding lighting also has various effects by the function of the space. The main structure is located in the folding position. It metaphor the creases of paper will cause structural strength.


Shi Lin Paper (Taiwan Paper Industry Company) is formerly known as the 1918 Taiwan Paper Co., Ltd.
During the Republic of China, Taiwan Paper and the other four paper factories were merged into Taiwanese paper and were returned to the state. But in 1959, after Taiwan's paper privatization, Shilin Lin paper factory reorganized into Shihlin Paper, which is now Wanhai shipping Chen family one of the family business.